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Children’s Film Factory (Entropia Gallery)

What I look for in animated films summarises well in a balanced combination of technique and subject. It’s not really rocket science that poor execution of the best subject will not win audience’s hearts, will not… win anything… actually. Innovative technique can possibly safe even the weakest subject, but how about something really simple for today?

Let’s have a look at the Children’s Film Factory (Entropia Gallery) and what they do. They are based in Wroclaw, Poland and since 1985 have been organising animated film workshops for children aged up to 14. The films are created in stop-motion technique and are based on original ideas as well as literature and other artefacts. Children work individually or in groups and their films win awards and distinctions at festivals and are often screened abroad too. What I like about them is that they seem fresh as much as a child’s mind can be. As simple as that.

Below is Scrap Raiders (Wojna zlomiarzy, 2010) by Mikolaj Golema and Lunchtime (Przerwa obiadowa, 2011) by Jan Popinski, of which the latter won the Jury’s Award at this year’s OFAFA Festival in Cracow.

For more information on Entropia Gallery, check out their web site where you can find more films too 🙂


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