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Janek Koza: Painter and Animator

I find Janek Koza remarkable and unconventional. He’s a painter, he’s an animator, so pretty much he’s an artist in a wider sense of the word. Born in 1972 and graduated in 1995 from Academy of Fine Arts in Wroclaw, Poland. He does comic books, animated films, ads and paintings and his style has a reputation of easily recognisable.  His drawings are simplistic and gruesome, disregarding the rules of perspective and proportion. And his characters are just.. ugly.

More info can be found when you follow these interesting links: Janek Koza: Unmasking Corruption, Janek KOza’s videos on VimeoJanek Koza’s bio and portfolio or the KURWS – Ani lepiej, ani gorzej | “Dziura w getcie” / “A hole in the ghetto” (2011).

And below I chose to paste a music video made for Krojc. Enjoy!

KROJC – Games from janek koza on Vimeo.


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