Ambition of Frogs and Squash (yes, this blog has an ambition) is to provide at least a general insight into what is actually happening on the scene of Polish animation – especially now when it seems so vibrant and full of amazing, young talents. There are not many English sources on the subject, hence I would like to point you in these young animators’ direction and, where possible, present their work or at least let you know where to find it.

There will also be a place for updates on Polish publications, articles or comments appearing online that may not be available in English.

Hope you enjoy reading even though some other topics may appear out of the blue.

Comments are welcome (to show me somebody reads it at all!) 🙂


Magdalena is a writer, blogger, author and translator. She holds a Master’s Degree in Cultural Studies with History and Theory of Film as her major, gained at University of Lodz, Poland. In 2004-2009 she coorganised International Animated Film Festival ReAnimacja in Lodz, Poland, where she also held a position of a Programme Director. She is a great fan of the art of animation and promotes it wherever she can as well as has curated a few screenings.

For the past few years Magdalena has been living and working in London, United Kingdom. She mainly writes on film and animation, features, reviews with a bit of academic writing and translations. Currently, she publishes in FilmPro Magazine, have appeared in Suite101 (but despite her good will and etc. has taken a break too) as well as on other internet websites. She also has her own blog, Frogs and Squash (both in English and in Polish), focused on animation, film and culture related topics.


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