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A Bit of Touch from Joanna Jasinska’s animation style

June 1, 2011 Leave a comment

I really don’t know which films made by Joanna Jasinska-Koronkiewicz (of those I have seen) are my best liked. Sometimes I feel it’s always one film, even though there are quite a number of them in her portfolio. Her specialty is classic animation: painting on canvas in front of the camera. Beautiful and touching. Visually – very passionate style sometimes, even when it comes to animation for children (which is definitely NOT a disadvantage). 

She is a director, script writer, art director, animator and cinematographer. She got a diploma from Lodz Film School with her graduation film being Dunia – there and back again (Dunia – tam i z powrotem, 2003). Since 2004 she collaborates with TV Studio of Animation Films in Poznan, Poland.

Here we have Dunia and Milenka which is Joanna’s student film from 2001. One of my favourite films is definitely (oh oh oh, so I do have favourites here!) Dies Irae (2006), however it seems that only an extract is available online.

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