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September 28, 2011 Leave a comment

On Saturday, 24th September awards and nominations for awards were announced at 2nd Se-Ma-For Film Festival. Winners of international competition for the best stop motion animation will be known at the 2nd part of this year event that will take place in Lugano, Switzerland in November 2011. 

Follow the link for the list of Se-Ma-For winners: 2nd Se-Ma-For Film Festival – awards.


Detailed Programme of 2. Se-Ma-For Film Festival (22-25 September 2011)

September 20, 2011 Leave a comment

Organisers of 2nd Se-Ma-For Film Festival in Lodz,  Poland have announced this year event programme.

Check this out as the festival starts in 2 days: Detailed Programme of 2. Se-Ma-For Film Festival.

Danny Boy by Marek Skrobecki (2010)

May 20, 2011 5 comments

Today, let’s say, it is going to be a bit reflective day. Plus a bit of puppet mastery with a bit of post-production tricks. A bit of puppet animation history. And a bit of Fryderyk Chopin lookalike  in Danny Boy himself. 

Danny Boy is a film by Marek Skrobecki who wrote the script as well as directed it. It’s a story about human imperfection which can actually be called losing one’s head. You can lose presence of mind or good judgement through your crazy, insane emotions, etc. In this story almost everybody literally has lost their head. With one exception: Danny Boy, who, being a misfit, feels strongly alienated from the headless society. The film deals with the problem of loneliness of an individual and poses a question if one should level down standards in the name of social adjustment.

It has been selected for Academy Awards© 2011 in Best Animated Short category, so we’ll see what happens next. Just as a reminder (or to those who don’t know), Marek Skrobecki collaborates with a Polish renowned studio, Se-Ma-For, that appears as one of Danny Boy‘s producers alike. It’s also Se-Ma-For studio that was one of co-producers of an Oscar winner,  Peter and the Wolf by Suzie Templeton (2006).

Among Skrobecki’s films are such amazing pieces, like: D.I.M. (1992) or Ichtys (2005).

To sum it up shortly, let’s have a look at the making of Danny Boy from Sapristi Studio, the film’s post-production company.

2nd Se-Ma-For Film Festival: Call for Entries

2nd edition of Se-Ma-For Film Festival is going to take place in Lodz, Poland from 22nd-25th September 2011 but also, as announced by the event organisers, in Lugano, Switzerland on 21st-23rd October 2011. The event is solely dedicated to stop-motion animation and its programme contains of competitions as well as additional screenings and workshops – all that in relation to puppets and other 3d techniques in animation.

The organisers have just announced their call for entries. For details, terms and conditions, but also for further information on the festival itself, visit the following link: Se-Ma-For Film Festival – pretty much everything is available in Polish, English, but also French.

31st July 2011 is the deadline!

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